The last year – or how we got to where we are.

In explaining how I got here I have to explain where we came from. So to keep it brief the last year or so reads a bit like this.

In 2013, Jules and I had moved back to New Plymouth to be near family. We had a number of other friends and family also with kids around town and felt it was the right place for us to focus on having a family. The job that I applied for was not “the career position”, but it did sound interesting, and Jules quickly found herself a role that she really enjoyed getting her teeth into.

The Mountain
The Mountain

In November 2014, the organisation I was working for announced that there was going to be an organisational realignment. This was about the time I started to explore other options.

New Job New Town, New House and other News
I got offered a job in Kapiti. The timing of the new job offer, when it came, couldn’t have been more like kismet.  At exactly the same time, Jules found out she was expecting.

Shifting town was and is something I swear I’ll never do again. I started my new job end of May 2015. After finishing up her job and selling our house in New Plymouth, Jules moved down with Cat, Dog and Goldfish into our new house at the end of August.



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