The realisation.

My ever convincing brother in law, Marcus, persuaded me that going for a run after work was a good idea. Running the two blocks to his place felt great. After saying hi to my sister and two nephews, the shoe laces were tightened and we were out the door.  After another two blocks facing into a stiff head wind, I reduced to a walk. Great four blocks and I’m done!!

We continued on sometimes running me mostly just trying to breathe, Marcus bouncing along next to me telling me how good he felt because he had several runs under his belt this week already.

It shouldn’t hurt this much… I had run before – just keep going it will get better. It was just 25 minutes out and Marcus finally felt sorry for me. We walked the short way home along the beach.

Mulling over exactly how UN-fit I was, it was a bit of a rude epiphany.

At least the view was nice.





One thought on “Epiphany”

  1. I know exactly how you feel! First training clinic for the daily news half this sunday and i am packing myself. Thought i would be better prepared than i am, but instead expecting to feel much the same as you did on this particular run. Keep going mate, you guys are my inspiration!


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