Don’t sit in dog shit and other dodgy encounters.

“I must look a weirdo” he said holding up his shorts at eye level.

“I just sat in dog poo”.

“Aww that’s shit mate” I managed to gasp, as I crested the top of the rise where I’d found this peculiar sight.

I continued on down the track the image of “the weirdo” – shorts off, in between two bushes, apparently trying to wipe off the offending dog poo on the scant bits of grass on the side of the track, burnt into my brain.

I was 7km into a 9km loop at dusk, without a torch. I reflected on who looked the more weird, and chuckled to myself.



Trying to cram a run in around normal work hours, in the winter time, often meant I was hitting the trails with those other fringes of society, that liked to hide their furtive activities in the semi darkness.

I had one such encounter on a recent morning, I’d taken the dog with me as I often do and coming to the end of the track I slowed to a walk to put the dog back on the leash.

Drawing level with the driver’s door of a parked car I’d presumed was empty. A light flared inside the car illuminating a hand holding a lighter under a glass pipe.  As I continued on towards home, I kept one ear open for engines starting, or car doors opening.  But the driver I believe was too intent on the hit he was getting to register, exactly how close this weirdo and his dog came to intruding on his morning time routine.


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