Cross Training- Making the most of every opportunity.

I’ve found very quickly, to fit anything that looks like actual training into the normal everyday busyness of life, you have to get creative.

I’ve got into an almost routine bike ride to and from work, although in deference to the wettest days, I still get the bus sometimes.

I’ve substituted some longer weekend runs, with hours trying to tame the wilder parts of our garden.

But this weekend there has been an exciting new development! It was a very mild winters day so I extricated Nyah from her Mum’s arms, bundled her up in all kinds of layers into her pram, and we went for a nice long walk through our local wilderness area.


We have been finding that Nyah is motion deactivated. So Nyah slept through most of the explore, (as you can see in the photo) but she did wake up in time for the last part along the beach headed home.


I cant wait for more days like these.




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