A bit of progress and goal setting.

I’m slow.. I’m slow enough that I don’t generally like to check my average speed, as it’s hideous how miniscule any improvements are.

But with the interest in this little adventure. I thought it was worth downloading a running app, to record my efforts in some form.

I’ve been using the App inconsistently since I started and my first few attempts almost put me off completely.

When I jog/walked to work the first few times I couldn’t even manage to run one kilometer without slowing to a walk, my time for the flat five kilometer route was a dawdling 48 minutes.

But yesterday after running like “T H E  W H O L E  W A Y”  I checked the app again and …

32 minutes.

Now I doubt I’m up for Olympic selection (the current NZ record is 13.10).

But on my current rate of improvement…

Hey who knows….


The commute to and from work is useful, not only do I do a majority of my weekday training this way. It also gives me a real block of time to plot and plan both work and home life, dream about holidays and generally put things in order.


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