Weekend Hills and Recovery

Long run training on weekends are always a bit of a challenge, and trying to schedule time around normal new family life, even more so.

I have a VERY Understanding Amazing and Beautiful Wife. Jules has completed an incredible array of her own endurance events not the least being a half ironman. She will always be my inspiration.

But as a consequence, there is a fair amount of FOMO, in our house. I’ve come to accept that instead of the Hangry’s (hungry angry’s) that some people get, Jules get’s the Fangry’s (Fit angrys).

I haven’t always got the balance or timing right, and I do feel guilty whenever I go sliding out the door to spend some time on the trails. But I am getting better at ensuring Jules also gets time to spend on her own exercise.

This Saturday’s run highlighted the conflict between everyday chores and getting the training done, even more than usual.

While running I sent a couple of pictures as a way of letting Jules know how I was progressing.


Screenshot_2016-06-21-21-16-17 And In reply Jules, also let me know how her morning was progressing.

Screenshot_2016-06-21-21-16-39Needless to say I came home on time… folded the clothes, fed the baby and cooked dinner all while Jules had a much deserved soak in a long hot bath….

Actually, I did. But Jules, rather than a long hot bath spent an hour on the exercycle instead, go figure?


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