Rest Recovery Recooperation and Reflection

Since the race, it’s been quiet on a number of fronts.
The race went well I enjoyed the run, even with the cold start, the banter of the volunteers and the amazing scenery made it fly by. I even finished with a smile and a wee burst of speed.

After we drove some 4 hours home and I unfolded myself from the car seat. I gave myself a days rest before walking to work on Tuesday.

Wednesday I walked to work and biked home.  On Thursday Jules and bubs went to New Plymouth to catch up with friends and Family and I joined her on the weekend.

While in New Plymouth I went for a run with my brother in law, Selwyn. The course was through some bush tracks on a walkway, in the part of town where I grew up. It’s always nice going for a run along the Te Henui, as it is over those tracks that I learnt my love for running and learnt the value of feeling at peace within. And over those familiar tracks, Selwyn showed me the error of ignoring speed work in my regular training.

In the build-up to the half I had been concentrating on just generally getting fit and trying to spend the time on my feet just to get through the event.

The next run… has a time limit on it….  *Gulp


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