Prams Naps and Training with Bubs 

Saturday dawned bright and early as often does around our house.

Jules was doing a couple of community based sustainability courses. Some very deserved time amongst adults after a week of being the world’s most devoted mum.

So with the weather just awesome, and with Jules helping us get out the door even as she headed for her first course. Nyah and I headed out for a brisk walk with a dog who had been a bit neglected of late in favour of bad weather.

By the time we were halfway along the esplanade Nyah was fast asleep, something that she maintained until we got to about halfway point. Where at the Whareroa Stream we paused to throw a stick for the dog.

While we just hung out and enjoyed this rare moment of sun. A number of walkers passed us by, each caught up in their own thoughts, each greeted by my ever cheerfully social daughter, before they moved on with a fresh smile of their own.

Heading home Nyah was facing into the sun so I covered the pram with some shade cloth. The lack of view didn’t dampen her sunshiney mood, and I got to enjoy a constant baby babble narration all the way back to the house.

Sundays run  by myself was too quiet by far…


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