T minus -10… 9… 8…

Well here I am again a little under a week to go to the full marathon.

I have only run two full marathons, ever…

One road run a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away….. (which I have blanked from my memory).

And an off road marathon that  I got talked into last year… (The “T42”)

The more recent one was 5.48 of pure agony, and great scenery.


When I say it was 5.48 of pure agony the first 2.30 was actually pretty enjoyable but the subsequent 3 hours was less so. In a fairly expontential fashion.

My progress through the race looked like this…


My dad who was an avid runner, used to say a marathon was two sixteen kilometre runs with a ten kilometre run added on the end, and the last ten kilometre’s was as hard as the first two sixteen’s together.

I was often confused by Dad’s stories; but I expect that this run will probably hurt about the same.

I am ready for it though, I’ve been looking back at my mostly complete training schedule and I feel happy that I’ve done what I can.

In the last three weeks while I’ve been contemplating the story that eventually became “This story that needs telling”.

What you’ve missed – the short story.

Three long runs.


Some recovery time.


The last winter storm


and…. the end of Winter (almost).


See you on the Weekend!


5 thoughts on “T minus -10… 9… 8…”

  1. Inspirational mate and always a pleasure to read how the progress is going; makes us couch surfers feel like we should be putting in more effort – thank you:) Good luck for the run and have no doubt you will be crossing the finish line with a smile on your face. Knock the b@$+rd on the head!


  2. Hey Rich best of luck for the weekend, I am sure you will ace it! The T42 is about 41 kilometres more than I could run right now, you are a hero mate!


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