Another day dawns…aka An unexpected journey

The start line fresh and early. ..

The chief supporters…

You may not hear from me for a few hours as I concentrate on getting to the top o’ the hill at halfway.  But I will share the scenery if I get reception and views.
More to come…

Top of the first hill

It took about 90 minutes to Kawakawa Bay. And included a rather big hill with an uncountable number of both zigs and zags; But the track was great underfoot and the scenery amazing!

The next 13k to the turnaround went by fairly quickly with frequent distractions in the form of the faster runners coming back down the track. Words of encouragement uttered at each meeting, helping when the energy was beginning to wane.

But by in far the coolest thing ever occurred at the turn around. As I was about a ‘k’ out, one of the trees stood up and quickly became the form of a crazy dear mate of mine. But that was just the first unexpected cool bit… As I neared the turn around point; I realized there were people there who not only knew my name, but had signs and loud voices.

I wish I had been together enough to get the photo of the welcoming party. My little sister and her family had traveled to the middle of nowhere just to surprise me…

The time at the turn around went by in a blur of hugs and well wishes.

It wasn’t until I was about a ‘k’ back down the track when I realized I had only made it to halfway…

But as I had seen the track once already I thought it was a good chance to take some photos of the highlights to keep my mind off the three hour run in front of me.

A hobbitses hole.
A bridge
The view from the bridge
A secret passage
The view from the top again
Only a ‘k’ to go and nobody behind me

The natural progression occurred as I continued through the 33k mark. First running uphill went from just being hard to being impossible. Then even the flat ground looked uphill. However, I did manage to keep shuffling downhill with the help of gravity until the end.

At the end Jules handed me Nyah and I walked over the finish line with bubs in my arms, that photo will come later.But it was the sweetest feeling.




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