Loss of sleep, lack of traction.

A lot can happen in a week…


At the end of last week I was on the verge of writing, that as we came to the end of winter, we were relishing something wonderfully close to normal life, and how happy we were simply experiencing routine.


Nyah has been making slow but steady progress against the markers that they assess for. And I had been making slow but steady progress in recovering from the marathon.

But Sunday, Sunday (the lesser known Neil Diamond Hit).

I went out for a run with my little, somewhat faster sister. And all of 10 metres into the run, I became all tangled up with my mates gangly dog, whom I was attempting to run with and who wanted instead, to chase a random distraction, on the other side of the road.

I attempted valiantly to hurdle the side of the dog, before tripping up entirely and coming to rest chin on kerb.

I hobbled the short distance home and was patched up by my always patient, ever loving wife.


That was just the start of the week.

Nyah has struggled this week with a tummy bug that saw a couple of days of full nappies followed by a couple of days of chuckie-chunders.

Jules has worn the worst of it, (on a couple of occasions this week literally).

My Wife, This Lady.

Photo credit: Helen Westerbeke 2016

Jules is my love and inspiration, a source of motivation. I look back on all the adventures we have had and always I’m thankful that she is by my side guiding me, or in front of me urging me along, or behind me giving me a push when needed.

When I started this chapter of the adventure, The 3 long runs (aka. “Where I go out of my way to hurt myself”). I pretty much inflicted it on her, and in her ever supporting and patient way, she allowed me this extravagance.

And at the same time as providing me the time and the space to do the necessary training, Jules has also been training towards her own goal to complete in the K1 challenge. (http://www.arcevents.co.nz/k2home/raceinfo/)

Just quietly SHE IS AH MAZING!!

And as this week draws to a close, while I can’t wait for things to return to normal, I’m glad we don’t ever seem to do routine for very long.


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