The rhythm of life

So finding yourself awake at 2am or 4am or 507am is a situation that any new parent will be familiar with. Staring at the wall the other night while I waited for the jug to boil so bubs could have a bottle. I reflected on how normal it felt. 

After all of the time we spent without even the concept  of routine, the last few months have sped by.

Routine is a new friend. It tells me that after everything,things are ok.

Nyah is sleeping through the night about 80% of the time which has made coping with the increased training a bit easier. But it is also coincides with her becoming increasingly interactive. Recent developments include high 5’s and standing with a little help balancing. 

Jules and I increasingly notice how much Nyah is defining her place in the world and making us aware how our family is developing as it accomodates this whole new multi-faceted personality. 


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