Zero to 100

And so with a  few words and a couple of clicks. I was off on the next big adventure….and as in all sequels the goal is bigger the explosions louder and all your favorite characters will make a return…

I might have been exaggerating about the explosions but for that you will have to wait and see…

December had waned into January and my “recovery” had become “a break for the busy season”… 

Ive come to realize life has this a way of distracting us… it whispers to us that routine is good and then time just slides by…. 

I am the ultimate procrastinator and I will allow myself to fall into the very cozy and very comfortable regularity of it all, and I am incredibly happy and content with my rut. 

But there is this little voice that challenges me to Go. Do. Be.

And it is this little voice, that forces me up off the sofa to find a reason, and onto the next goal.


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