A few thoughts on running.

Walking on an empty winter beach at dawn like I am prone to do sometimes, once in while I get a little philosophical…

Just this morning, a thought began to form….

There is a simplicity about running. A type of magic that causes a feeling of release. Just from the mere fact the body is moving like it is designed to do.

Sure we can complicate it with other things that remove us from that feeling; the needto get fitter or to loose a few pounds or to go faster.

But if you allow yourself to get past all of that. Its there you rediscover the pure joy of what running should be…

That first memory…

Running barefoot across wet grass with your friends…

When you were not trying to do anything, except exalt in the freedom of the movement, only going as fast or as slow as the moment demanded. Just existing in that exhilaration,

Speeding, straining, all jostling elbows before pausing breathless, then dashing forward again.

There are times now when I am running, where I get close to touching the ghost of that feeling…

When I crest the top of a hill with speed still in my legs, and begin the roll down the other side, just a little bit fast, just barely remaining in control.


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