The playlist and other internal dialogue 

Less than 10 weeks to go, most weekends now I’m doing a 2 -3 hour run each day. With this much time, often over fairly familiar ground, the brain has a tendency to wander….

Sometimes I am breaking down the 100km into pieces my brain can comprehend:

100km equals 5 x half marathons, right…and my ideal goal then  must be 3 x 4hour legs to the final checkpoint at 75km (plus a final crawl home)…. 

Okay then I’ll have to be faster than 5.7km/hr for 13 hours to avoid the cut off at the final checkpoint. But what does 5.7km/hr look like well it’s slightly faster than a fast walk, or 10 minute K’s

Well that’s just a good honest shuffle….

Other times though, my internal playlist kicks in, and I have discovered one of the true joys of being a Dad, is the change in the playlist that has gradually come about.

Now when I’m out running, the list of songs my brain chooses from is less of this…

And more of this

And this

100km is going to be a doddle….


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