Fat Dad the Origin Story.

I met Jules, my lady, about ten years ago, we started off running together, training buddies, to her mates, I was “Running Richard”.

Then with a change of career I went to sea, I became a Fat Sailor and Jules got fitter, eventually finishing a Half Ironman and a 100km walk for charity.

The month on, month off job I had, allowed me to be her support person. Carrying bags and shifting bikes.

Then somewhere in between trips out to sea, Jules and I got together.

It wasn’t long before we thought about starting a family of our own.  We tried in the normal way. I stopped going to sea, I got a job on land and we got married I stopped being the fat sailor. And started driving a desk.

We kept trying, we even had a wee hopeful start, but in its going it left us bereft, wanting for what we believed it might have been.

A number of our friends at the time were going through their own journeys into parenthood, a few needed help with IVF, something which we slowly realised we would need, if our dream to have a family was to become real.

IVF journeys are long and hard-fought and wearing. We tried and tried. For some time it looked as though babies weren’t on our cards at all.

But, after five years of hoping and waiting and yearning, with our last viable egg, it stuck.

Nyah, our gorgeous girl.

Jules became the incredible mother, I always knew that she would be.

And I became Fat Dad.

But that’s just how we began.

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