Nyah’s Story

Why run three races in six months? Because Nyah inspires me and because I want to be the best I can be for her.

This girl, Nyah Rose.


Even before she was born we knew she was a fighter.

We found out she had trisomy 21 and a heart defect about halfway through the pregnancy.  This was a huge shock to us, we processed a lot of information, we grieved for the life that we imagined our wee girl should of had and for the life we thought we would have too.

As Jules got closer to the birthdate, we spent what seemed like hours at a time just listening to her heartbeat. Jules had a fairly hard 15 hour labour as our midwife Sheryl eased our girl into this world. When she arrived we fell instantly in love with her. We knew that all would be fine, and that her life will be full and happy.


Once here, we slowly got to know this spirit. As quick to smile, as she is determined. She leaves indelible marks on all our family and friends with her cheeky grin and noisy interactions.

Nyah has also reminded me of the incredible strength and vulnerability, contained within her beautiful mother, my wife. That amazing combination of strength and fragility are traits that I already see shining through in Nyah.

She has been through so much already in her first six months – she spent two and a half months in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Wellington, and then some time at home, but still connected to an oxygen tank and monitor. She then spent three weeks at Starship where she underwent open heart surgery. She now has an amazing zipper scar and a newly conditioned ticker. She’s ready to run rings round her Mum and Dad.


She’s been through so much in the first few months of her life. She’s come through battle scarred, but unscathed in spirit. Nyah has made me realise how important it is to remain true to yourself and to not lose that sense of wonder that makes anyone believe anything is possible.

So surely this is possible.